The Sunni Courses Story

Due to the scarcity of classical Islamic educational provisions catering for Muslims in Britain, Sunni Courses was initiated in 2006 by a group of concerned individuals from religious, professional and academic backgrounds. Initially, the courses organised and delivered were invitation-based. However, due to demand for such courses, its founders moved to establish Sunni Courses as a platform for delivering structured, quality courses disseminating the classical Islamic sciences to the wider Muslim community. It must be noted that without the advice, guidance, tutelage and patronship of the London-based Doctor, Shaykh Abul Hasan Hussain Ahmed (hafidhahullah), the project would not have blossomed.

Since its inception, Sunni Courses has delivered 10 courses, both classroom-based and online, to over 250 students and benefited countless others via ebook publication and its audio productions.

Sunni Courses was intended to be a not-for-profit grassroots project to be run entirely by volunteers on a course-by-course-budget. We are a non-partisan project and are not affiliated with any governments.