What our attendees from previous courses have said

Alhamdulillah I benefitted hugely as I'm sure everyone who attended did. Sheikh Abul Hasan delivered the course far better than I could have hoped for, covering the subject matter fully, with proper references, accurate historical account all with isnaad. The Sheikh backed up every point with clear evidence from various sources and with reference to Imams/ scholars. It was obvious to see that Sheikh Abul Hassan is very knowledgeable and highly educated on the subject matter.Sheikh Abul Hasan is very experienced, skilled and extremely effectives as a teacher. May Allah preserve Sheikh Abul Hasan's fantastic memory and wealth knowledge and give him a long life to educate many more Muslims for years to come. - Brother

Overall the Aqida Tahawiyya course was very good and extremely beneficial. Just in the period of eight weeks I feel like the amount of knowledge that I took out of it was far more. I think it would be great if more courses like these were available, it would benefit a lot of people. Especially those who are at university of work and do not have time during the week to gain Islamic knowledge. - Sister

I found this course of huge benefit. In particular the area's which clarify the aqeedah issues surrounding the Throne of Allah etc, also the subject of Ta'weel. Along with clarity on the subject matters surrounding making taqleed. - Brother

Alhamdullilah, I have benefited immensely. Prior to taking this course, my only other exposure to Islamic Theology came from a Salafi point of view. Although I am by no means a learned person, there was aspects of it which I found dubious, and doubtful. This course has certainly enlightened me to another view; a view which I am more comfortable with, and believe to be closer to the truth. I found the counter responses by the Sheikh, to the claims made by various others, on Allah's attributes, Anthropomorphism, and the defamation of leading Islamic Scholars very interesting and clarified. The Sheikh layed out the core beliefs in an easy to understand way. - Brother

Alhamdu Lillah the course structure was good and there were a lot of references given that we could go and follow up...... I found the course very beneficial and I look forward to the Shaykh doing some more text based courses in the future insha Allah. - Brother

Shaykh covered the course in its totality and the background information was great, in terms of contextualisation.....class timing was excellent, it's very rare to attend a course that actually starts on time - well done!....Organisers were accommodating - Sister

Alhumdulillah, the course was excellent, just as expected. It was very beneficial for me as i am already studying science of hadeeth at madrasah. I speak for a number of people when i say we want more courses from the same Shaykh Insha Allah.

May Allah {SWT} reward all who participated in this course; shaykh, helpers and students. - Brother

One of the best courses I have been to. It has solved my main confusion about whether we should or should not follow a school of thought. Well worth it. - Sister

An enlightening course that allowed us to experience the Science of Ahadith rooting back to how the beautiful gems fell from the Mubarak lips of Alayhis sallatu wassalam. The Sahabas (Radi Allahu anhum) were fortunate to have lived in the Halaqa of our beloved Prophet Alayhis sallatu wassalam, but none the less, although we would not be able to match their heartfelt effort, so long as we remain in the company of the righteous scholars, InshaAllah we would be able to feel the essence of true knowledge; and they do say, if you want to shake the hand of our beloved Prophet Alayhis sallatu wassalam, then shake the hand of a scholar, for his hand would have shaken the hands of his scholar, and his scholar would have shaken the hands of his scholar, so on and so on, all the way back to ar-Rasool Sallallahu Alayhi Wassalam, as scholars justly are the inheritors of the Prophet. JazakAllahu Khairan Shaykh Abul Hasan Hussain Ahmed for your inspirational teaching MashaAllah. May Allah preserve you and your family Ameen. JazakAllahu Khairan to the organisers. - Sister


This had to be the best course I've ever been to. I learnt so much and was amazed by the Shaykh's in-depth knowledge. I miss the Shaykh already and I hope Allah Ta'ala grants him a very long life..Amin! - Brother

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