How We Teach

Promoting the legacy of sound scholarship

Our Methods

We utilise the best of both worlds: traditional teaching methods whilst utilising modern advancements in technology. Although we predominantly provide courses with physical interaction under our esteemed scholars, believing contact time with the instructor is invaluable, we also cater for the online market due to the needs of our target audience via utilisation of the latest available technologies.

Course Structure

We employ different structure as regards the duration of the course. The length of each course is dependant on the set text/work studied. Our courses range from 16-hour Weekend Intensives to 12-week Serialised Courses.

The Importance of al-Isnad

The Prophet (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam) said:

"This knowledge will be carried by the trustworthy ones of every generation. They will expel from it the alteration made by those going beyond bounds; false claims of the liars and the false interpretations of the ignorant ones."

Related by al-Bayhaqi in Sunanul-Kubra (10/209), Ibn Abi Hatim in al-Jarh wa-Ta'deel (2/17) and Ibn 'Abd al-Barr in at-Tamheed (1/57-58), from the Hadith of Ibrahim Ibn 'Abdur-Rahman al-'Udhari (radiyallaahu 'anhu). It was authenticated by Imam Ahmad - as occurs in Sharaf Ashabul Hadith (p. 27) of al-Khatib al-Baghdadi.

Imam Abd Allah ibn al-Mubarak (Allah be pleased with him) said:

"Isnad is part of religion (deen), and if it was not for Isnad, one would have said whatever one desired. When it is said (to the one who speaks without an Isnad): "Who informed you? He remains silent and bewildered."

(Introduction to Sahih Muslim, 1/87, al-Jami' li akhlaq al-rawi wa adab al-sami' of al-Khatib al-Baghdadi and others).

He (Abd Allah ibn al-Mubarak) also stated:

"The one who seeks matters of his deen without an Isnad is similar to the one who climbs to the roof without a ladder".

Imam Sufyan al-Thawri (Allah have mercy on him) states:

"Isnad is the weapon of a believer. When one does not possess a weapon, then with what will he combat?"

Imam al-Shafi'i (Allah have mercy on him) says:

"The example of the one who seeks Hadith without an Isnad is of a person who gathers wood in the night. He carries a bundle of sticks not knowing that there is a snake in it". (Meaning, he gathers and collects all types of narrations, the genuine and spurious).

(The above excerpts recorded by Shaykh Abd al-Fattah Abu Ghudda (Allah have mercy on him) in his excellent work 'al-Isnad min al-Din', p. 18-20).

The Sunni Courses initiative seeks to educate and empower Muslims through learning and keeping the company of the People of Knowledge and Wisdom. We endeavour to revive the traditional methods of learning under the guidance of classically trained scholars who have inherited Islamic knowledge through the classical system, i.e. the Isnad (Chain of Transmission) and in full accordance with the Qur'an and Sunnah.

We endeavour in providing certified (Ijaza-based) courses with the inclusion of the relevant Asanid (Chains of Transmission), with the compliance and guidance of our instructors. In doing so, we hope with the permission of Allah the Most High, our learners can take the knowledge forth to the next generation and carry on the legacy of preserving and disseminating authentic, uncorrupted knowledge; a heritage that has passed down to us by our beloved Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, to the rightly guided scholars through the ages until it reached us.

Quality of Delivery


Behind everything we do at Sunni Courses is the core principle of Ihsan, a concept outlined in the famous Hadith of Jibril. Muslims have traditionally been people who have sought excellence in every matter, and we strive to continue this legacy. We have always maintained that we are only but means, but that we need to deliver excellence in all that we do regardless.


We have systemic feedback mechanisms in place to ensure that all our courses meet the highest expectations of our learners. By interacting with our students we remain conscientious about our efforts to deliver a quality package, and go about our preparation with diligence, meticulousness and assuredness.

We make provisions for our learners to evaluate the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of the facilities, refreshments, course materials and overall course delivery.